Using an eHarmony promo code to find love

If you’re like me, you usually wait until December 15th to join an online dating site for the year. You desperately hope you will meet another desperate person who will instantly latch onto you for the next 3-4 weeks until the holiday season is over and you finally realize you weren’t meant for each other. In 2015 I am taking the pledge to stop this vicious cycle.

Last week (Thanksgiving, actually), I signed up for the eHarmony free communitcation weekend. It was free and it only took around 20 minutes to fill out their personality questionnaire before I was matched up with around 15 guys. Three of them were in their 50’s (not sure how that happened) and the remaining ones were what I deemed “acceptable”. I went through the guided communication with 8 of them (4 of them never responded back to me and out of those 4, 1 closed communication altogether) and by Sunday evening the ride had come to an end. If I wanted to freely chat with these guys that eHarmony matched me up with, I would have to become a paying member. Glancing at the prices for membership, I realize that there was no way I could afford to sign up. Luckily, I went online and found an eHarmony promotional code from an online dating promo code website.

Using the code, I got 3 months for $15.95/mo. Which was about what I would have spent on Starbucks coffee as it were. After I had signed up, 3 of the remaining 8 guys did not reply to my email message. So that leaves me with a 1 out of 5 chance to find love on eHarmony. All in all, I can’t complain. For a measly 15 bucks a month, I’m being matched with quality guys, versus the scumbags I usually meet at the local bar on any given Friday night.

eHarmony Promo Codes

Here are the latest eHarmony discounts and coupons

    Save10 – 10% off a 1 month membership
    FINDLOVE – Limited time offer to get 3 months for $15.95
    3MOCODE – 3 months discount
    1MOCODE – Discount for 1 month subscription
    MRAABB – 12 month savings
    MRBBAA – 6 month savings
    FREEPP – Free personality profile
    EHADVICEUS – $15.95 CODE
    SCOPE4LOVE – Unknown discount


How eHarmony Discounts Work

These codes you see above are very simple to use. In order to realize the savings, you need to write down the code that corresponds to the subscription plan you wish to sign up for. Then go to the order page on eHarmony and enter in the code where it says “Do you have a promotional code?” After you enter the code, push the “submit” button and the discount is applied automatically. You should see a confirmation page pop up telling you that the savings was applied to your cart. There are a few tips and tricks to go along with this. For example, if the code does not work, you can always call eHarmony at: (800) 965-7082 and tell them that you tried to use a code and it did not work. Sometimes they will give you a new code to use.

eHarmony – Designed for users who are looking for serious relationships

If you’re just looking for a one night stand, you should probably not join eHarmony. It’s just not the type of site that attracts those kinds of people. might be more up your alley. eH was designed from a human compatibility perspective. There are many facets of their matchmaking algorithm, such as:

    – Likes
    – Dislikes
    – Personality
    – Ability to resolve conflict
    – Communication
    – Relationship abilities


These core tenets are supplemented with scientific research into human compatibility. They spend millions of dollars every year researching human relationships and how to successfully match people. As the years go by, culture has an important deciding effect upon relationships, especially in what they call the “internet age” wherein everyone is attached to their cell phone and computer and it seems like nobody has time for anything anymore.